Lizzy’s top ten fitness tips:

1)      Consistency – Once you begin a personal training program with Lizzy you will begin forming new life changing habits. You will wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

2)      Set goals– Short, medium, and long term goals help you focus. These goals are incorporated in your bespoke personal training program which is created by Lizzy alongside yourself.

3)      Keep track– Every work out you complete with Lizzy will be documented along with your improvements in fitness tests and measurements so you have evidence of your progression.

4)      Lift weights– Building muscle and becoming stronger increases your resting metabolism. You will find it easier to lose unwanted pounds.

5)      Variation– Unfortunately many athletes reach a plateau at some point. Your personal training program will be reviewed and updated every 4 weeks and with Lizzy you will work together to ensure you continue to progress with each session.

6)      Good clean nutrition– What you eat is as important as how you train. Lizzy can provide a thorough nutritional consultation and provide tailor made nutrition plans to optimise your training.

7)      Squat– Big compound movements like the squat, deadlift, and bench press stimulate maximum numbers of muscle fibres offering the greatest chance to build muscle and improve strength.

8)      Never write off a day– We are all guilty of it, ‘well I’ve eaten badly today so I’ll start again tomorrow’, or ‘It’s Friday, no point starting until Monday.’ . Well remember, half a week or even half a day of good nutrition and exercises choices is better than none at all.

9)      Have fun– Consistency is key, if you aren’t having fun you are less likely to follow your program consistently. Your personal training program is designed around your individual likes and dislikes to ensure you WANT to work out.

10)   Sleep– Recovery is as important as time spent training. During recovery your muscles are repairing and building to make you stronger. Ensure you have enough sleep and recovery time so next time you can work out with maximum efficiency.