Beginner Strength Program

Beginner Strength Program

The following program is designed for those interested in improving strength, enhancing their weight loss, or gaining lean muscle mass.
Resistance training not only improves muscular strength, power, endurance and size, it is also a great was to increase your metabolic rate. An increased metabolic rate means that you will burn more calories during everyday tasks, enhancing weight loss. Regular resistance training has also been proven to increase bone density, this is vital as we age and our bones become more brittle.
When starting a program for the first time, avoid using too much weight until you are comfortable with the technique. Between each set rest for between 30-90 seconds, the rest period is essential for optimum performance. On the beginner program, carry out 3 sets of 8 repetitions for each exercise. You should be aiming to lift enough weight to fatigue around the 8th rep.

  • Cardiovascular Warm-Up

5-10 minutes moderate intensity cardio on machine of your choice.

  • Resistance Workout
  1. Leg Press

2. Leg Extension

3. Leg Curl

4. Lat Pulldown

5. Dumbell Chest Press

6. Dumbell Chest Flys

7. Triceps Pushdown

8. Biceps Curls

9. Crunches (3 x 20)