Weight Loss Circuit

Weight Loss Circuit

A workout routine carried out 3-4 times a week can significantly help with your weight loss goals. Aerobic exercise is beneficial for fat burning and calorie consumption, whereas strength exercises develop muscle tone, improve muscular endurance, and increase your basal metabolic rate. Together a combination of aerobic exercise and strength exercises will provide the most efficient and effective workout for weight loss.


The circuit is to be carried out, one exercise after the other and the circuit competed 3 times.

1) Step ups with dumbells – 3 mins

2) Bench Press with dumbell – 15 reps

3) Kettle bell squat – 15 reps

4) Bicep curl to shoulder press – 15 reps

5) Mountain climbers – 1 min

5) Walking Lunges with dumbells – 15 reps

6) Front/Lateral raises with dumbells – 15 reps